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We are a member of PTPN, Physical Therapy Provider Network, a credentialing organization that acquires contracts with health insurance companies. As such, we are a preferred provider for hundreds of insurance companies' PPO's. To most quickly determine if we match your insurance plan, a copy of your insurance card is best. Our billing department can usually get the answer in 15 to 30 minutes. Or call us at 559-665-1709 and ask for Nancy. She will answer all of your questions.

With a physician's order, treatments are payable by many insurances such as PPO's, private insurances, Workers' Compensation, Medicare and Medicare/Medical. We are unable to accept MediCal only or HMO's at this time.

Without a physician's order, cash visits are possible at the rate of $45.00 for 30 minutes, $60.00 for 45 minutes and $75.00 for 60 minutes. Initial evaluation is $85.00.

Feel free to call us anytime.

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