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"Before I came here I was miserable. I thought I would die because the use of my leg was so small. I had constant pain and soreness. When I got here everyone was extremely nice and caring. Carol pushed me really hard. Now I can ride a bike, jog, lift a 7lb weight with my right leg and do stuff I couldn't do three months ago. All in all I thank everyone for their help and for listening to my stories."


"My pain in the coccyx and pelvis has gone and I now feel very good. With all the great staff and physical therapy the numbness in my legs has stopped. I was having to use a canvas patio chair with a pillow in order to sit and I needed to have two cushions in my car seat in order to drive. I've had pain since my car accident on 4/14/08. I highly recommend Chowchilla Physical Therapy to anyone with back problems. The staff is great, courteous and were very patient with me."


"Before surgery I could not move my arm without great amounts of sharp pain. AFter surgery and therapy I have the range of motion that I haven't had for years and virtually free of pain. I anticipated what little pain from inflammation I have now will disappear as well. Therapy helped with the discipline necessary to push through pain and achieve the motion I need. I am thankful for the staff pushing and stretching me."


"Since coming to therapy I have improved a lot. I wasn't able to bend my knee at all and now I have full range of motion. I am able to rede a bike and do the leg press machine without strain. I have enjoyed my time here at the Chowchilla PT and would recommend it to anyone. All employees are very nice and have helped me out so much. Because of them I can now begin the long process of healing with the knowledge they gave me."


"I am very pleased with Brenda Neer's treatment. The knowledge she has was evident in her strong touch and experienced fingers. She has effectively prescribed very helpful exercise and shared massage information with my husband to help me maintain good muscle tone and better healthful posture tips. I have conquered the painful sleepless nights and can walk, sit, stand and sleep pain free. The dizzy spells are gone and facial pain and headaches are gone. Thanks for fighting back my body giving in to old age and arthritis."


"To one and all, Thank you!! When I first came to you I wouldn't have given you 'two cents' that I would even bend that knee. But little by little as weeks passed I could see and feel it getting stronger. Truly Carol, I appreciate all your help and encouragement, 'don't give up', 'bend that knee', 'ride your bike', 'walk', 'get busy'. To the crew Tony, Val and Brenda - Thanks. I'll tell my friends if they ever need a physical therapist to see the gang in Chowchilla. Thanks a million!!"


"I can think again! I could not function on the whole right side of my body. I had severe pain and tightness all the way down on my right foot to the top of my head. With the therapy and exercises I am really sore, but I can function enough to lead a normal life again."


"I can now stay bent forward and backward without problems afterward. Activities such as softball, volleyball, etc. cause little strain. Walking and running for long periods of time also have become much easier. All in all most pain and discomfort are gone and I am happy with the results."


"My mouth and nose were turned to the left because of weakness in the facial muscles due to Bell's Palsy. Now that I have had therapy for the Bell's Palsy I can smile and speak without my face being twisted. My therapist worked really well with me and guided me in how to do the expressions. She was very helpful doing these exercises and doing facial massage. Half way through the sessions I was back to 50% and I am now 100% better. So I felt it was very important to have physical therapy."


"Before starting therapy I was frightened to death. In my mind I felt like I would never walk again. The therapy team here is wonderful. I came from sitting in a wheelchair in class to now walking on my own two feet without assistance. Thanks to writing the alphabet (with my foot), whirlpool, light therapy, squatting, ultrasound and dorsiflexion beyond the point of resistance, I am where I am today. If not for Carol and Brenda I don't believe I would have made this much progress. Although I still have plenty of work to do at home, I now have the skills and tools to become the best I can be."


"I have benefited greatly from my PT. I would compare it to "the surgeon baked the cake and you finished with the frosting". Through you I have accomplished my flexion and extension goals. An accomplishment that may have gone unnoticed had you not educated me as to the importance in walking straight. I will be forever thankful for your kindness, your professional skills and patience. You are the best. I always brag on all of you and highly recommend your services. I feel very fortunate to have such a highly skilled service in Chowchilla. Keep up the good work."


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